Shoot Your Way - We’ll Do The Rest Video Solution
The three stage video production solution for SMEs created by Johnson & Connolly  - where you shoot your way and we edit a 30 second promotional video for your business.
Training & Guidance Stage
During this part of the process we virtually assist you with lighting, sound, camera positioning, scripting and presentation using our e-book and an online video consultation.
We provide you with a short training e-book, which we ask you to read before booking  in for your in-person online video consultation with us. We've specifically designed the e-book to be quick and easy to understand.
You will have a 40 minute video consultation meeting with us over Zoom. During that consultation we will run through your proposed filming setup with you, discuss your scripting and messaging, your presentation to camera and help you find solutions for any concerns you may have about filming.
We will then ask you to shoot your footage using your smartphone or camera following our guidance and send it to us via a secure link.
We then evaluate your footage for quality and adherence to our guidance - if further guidance is needed and if the footage needs to be re-shot then we guide you through that process.
Post-Production Stage
Once you are happy with your footage, and it's been passed by us, we edit the video adding key still and motion graphics (such as subtitles, name titles, key point call outs and contact details) and any of your still images you may wish to include. This will all be carried out by us in adherence to your branding. The final edit will be around 30 seconds in length.
Once the first cut edit is ready we will ask you to review the video - if you want anything changed we include one round of amendments in the price.
Once the amendments are made we deliver the final cut of your video to you via a secure online link 
Release Support & Guidance
We know it’s not just about creating video - releasing it the right way to the right platforms is very important too. That's why we built in this final stage to our Shoot Your Way - We'll Do The Rest solution.
We discuss with you your intended use for the video throughout the process and then provide you with guidance of how best to release video to social media, and also by email campaign.
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